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FreeRTOS+FAT is still in the lab
FreeRTOS+FAT is already in use in commercial products and we encourage you to try it yourself. Be aware however that FreeRTOS+FAT was acquired by Real Time Engineers Ltd., and is still being documented and updated to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Please use the forum for support, or contact us directly if you have a specific business interest.

Source Code Organisation

The RTOS's FAT file system source code is distributed with the directory structure shown below. Pre-packaged projects may be delivered with a slightly different structure.

FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT    [Contains the source files that implement the FAT FS]
  +-include          [Contains the header files for the FAT FS]
      +-common       [Contains source and header files used by all ports, inc. a RAM disk driver]
      +-Platform_1   [Contains source file specific to the chip/compiler identified by the directory's name]
      +-Platform_2   [Contains source file specific to the chip/compiler identified by the directory's name]
The FreeRTOS+FAT Directory Structure

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