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[FreeRTOS Embedded File System API]

unsigned char f_initvolume( F_DRIVERINIT pxInitFunction );
Initialises the embedded FAT file system volume. f_initvolume() must be called before any file system operations can be performed.

f_initvolume() works independently of the status of the hardware, it does not matter if a card is inserted or not.


pxInitFunction   A pointer to the function used to initialise the drive.


F_NO_ERROR   The drive was initialised successfully.

Any other value   The drive was not initialised successfully - the return value holds the error code.

See also:

f_format(), f_delvolume().

Example usage:

void vInitFAT( void )
unsigned char ucReturn;

    /* Initialise the drive */
    ucReturn = f_initvolume();
    if( ucReturn != F_NO_ERROR )
        /* Volume was not initialised, ucReturn holds the error code. */
        /* Volume was initialised. */
Example use of the f_initvolume() API function

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