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File System Error Code

[FreeRTOS Embedded File System API]

Error codes returned by the embedded file system API functions are detailed in the table below.

Value Error Code Description
1 F_ERR_RESERVED_1 The specified drive does not exist.
2 F_ERR_NOTFORMATTED The volume is not formatted.
3 F_ERR_INVALIDDIR The directory specified is not valid.
4 F_ERR_INVALIDNAME The file name specified is not valid.
5 F_ERR_NOTFOUND The file or directory could not be found.
6 F_ERR_DUPLICATED The file or directory already exists.
7 F_ERR_NOMOREENTRY The volume is full.
8 F_ERR_NOTOPEN A function cannot complete because the file is not open.
9 F_ERR_EOF End of file.
10 F_ERR_RESERVED_2 Not used.
11 F_ERR_NOTUSEABLE An invalid parameter was passed into f_seek().
12 F_ERR_LOCKED The file is already opened for writing / appending.
13 F_ERR_ACCESSDENIED The necessary physical read and/or write functions are not available for the volume.
14 F_ERR_NOTEMPTY The directory cannot be deleted because it is not empty.
15 F_ERR_INITFUNC No init function is available for the driver, or the function generated an error.
16 F_ERR_CARDREMOVED The card is not present.
17 F_ERR_ONDRIVE There is a non-recoverable error on the drive.
18 F_ERR_INVALIDSECTOR A sector has developed an error.
19 F_ERR_READ There was an error when reading the volume.
20 F_ERR_WRITE There was an error when writing to the volume.
21 F_ERR_INVALIDMEDIA The media is not recognised.
22 F_ERR_BUSY The access semaphore was not obtained before the timeout expired.
24 F_ERR_INVFATTYPE The FAT type is not recognised.
25 F_ERR_MEDIATOOSMALL Media is too small for the type of format requested.
26 F_ERR_MEDIATOOLARGE Media is too big for the type of format requested.
27 F_ERR_NOTSUPPSECTORSIZE The sector size is not supported. The only supported sector size is 512 bytes.
28 F_ERR_ALLOCATION There was a memory allocation error.

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