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FreeRTOS+FAT SL Source Code and Projects

Free Download

FreeRTOS+FAT SL is available in the following directory of the official FreeRTOS zip file download (from V7.4.2):


License information is provided on a separate page.

Worked Example

An example project that uses the FreeRTOS Win32 simulator is provided on this website.

Building FreeRTOS+FAT SL

To use FreeRTOS+FAT SL in an existing (building) FreeRTOS project:
  1. Add all the source files from the /FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT-SL/fat_sl/common directory to your project.

  2. Provide an implementation of psp_getcurrenttimedate(), or use the default provided in FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT-SL/psp/target/rtc/psp_rtc.c if time stamps are not going to be supported.

  3. Provide a media driver by implementing the port layer functions documented on this website. A RAM disk driver that can be used as a reference is provided in FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT-SL/media-drv/ram.

    A media driver can be tested by calling f_dotest( 0 ). f_dotest() is implemented in FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT-SL/fat_sl/test/test.c. Console output functions used by dotest() are implemented in psp_test.c, and use stdout by default.

  4. Ensure FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS-Plus-FAT-SL/api is included in the header file search path (include path).

  5. Provide FAT SL and media driver configuration files. Templates are provided in the /FreeRTOS-Plus/Source/FreeRTOS_Plus_FAT_SL/config directory. See also config_fat_sl.h and config_mdriver_ram.h in the above referenced worked example

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