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Super Lean FAT File System
The DOS compatible FAT file system with a tiny footprint


HCC Embedded Logo FreeRTOS+FAT SL is a market proven, DOS compatible, proprietary and supported FAT file system provided by HCC Embedded to Real Time Engineers Ltd for use with FreeRTOS or in bare metal1 systems. FreeRTOS+FAT SL is intricately engineered to minimise both Flash and RAM footprint, allowing the same code base to be used across a wide range of 8, 16 and 32-bit MCUs. Other products in the file system family include both high performance and true fail-safe designs.

FreeRTOS+FAT SL is dual licensed, with free commercial licenses for some users.

Standard File System API
f_initvolume() f_delvolume() f_format()
f_getfreespace() f_findfirst() f_findnext()
f_getserial() f_mkdir() f_chdir()
f_rmdir() f_getcwd() f_open()
f_close() f_flush() f_write()
f_read() f_seek() f_tell()
f_rewind() f_putc() f_getc()
f_seteof() f_truncate() f_eof()
f_delete() f_filelength()
Tiny footprint, the same code can be used on the smallest to the largest MCU
Mature technology from HCC Embedded, the industry's file system pioneers
Part of a family of files systems that include high performance and fail-safe FAT designs
Standard and comprehensive API
Proprietary and supported technology
Flash footprint as low as 4K bytes
RAM footprint <1K bytes
Small media driver abstraction layer for simple porting
FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 support

1 A bare metal system is defined to be a software platform that does not use a commercial or otherwise published task scheduler.

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