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View the Live FreeRTOS+Nabto Demo using Firefox

Follow the instructions below to connect to the live demo using the Firefox web browser.

1.   Enter the following URL into the Firefox address bar, or, only if you are already using Firefox to view this page, simply click the link:

2.   If you have not viewed a Nabto enabled page before then you will be directed to a page from which the Nabto Firefox plug-in can be downloaded. Download and install the relevant plug-in for the version of Firefox used. This step only needs to be completed once.
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3.   Firefox will need to be restarted after the plug-in has been installed. When Firefox has restarted enter the URL shown in step 1 above again. This time you will be directed to a log-in page. Enter '' as the username, and 'freertos' as the password. For simplicity this demo does not use encryption keys.
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