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Creating FreeRTOS+Nabto Applications
Part 1: Introduction to Nabto Queries and the Event Handling C Function


Embedded device connected to Internet of Things FreeRTOS+Nabto handles all the networking, routing and encryption necessary to securely network enable your embedded devices. To use FreeRTOS+Nabto with the FreeRTOS cloud hosting service an embedded developer need only:
  1. Provide a network driver to interface FreeRTOS+UDP to their hardware platform.

  2. Add the FreeRTOS+Nabto source files to their project.

  3. Set ipconfigFREERTOS_PLUS_NABTO to 1 in FreeRTOSIPConfig.h (the FreeRTOS+UDP configuration file).

  4. Provide a single event handling C function to handle pre-formatted Nabto queries.

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Nabto Queries

Embedded Internet of Things network enabled devices Data is sent to, and requested from, a remote networked device in a simple UDP query packet. Unique identifiers are used to distinguish between query types.

A query can contain zero or more request parameters. Request parameters are used to send data to the remote networked device. FreeRTOS+Nabto automatically passes request parameters into the event handling C function.

Some query types require the remote networked device to respond with data. Data is sent back from the remote networked device in response parameters. The application writer passes response parameters out of the event handling C function.

Queries can be sent from a web based user interface, as is the case in the example live demo, or from an intelligent cloud based application.

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