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Cloud Service Live Demonstration
Implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) with FreeRTOS

Demo Set Up
Software:  FreeRTOS+Nabto 
Hardware:  Small microcontroller 
Connection:  Ethernet 
Situation:  Behind NAT firewall 


This page describes a FreeRTOS+Nabto based Internet Of Things demonstration that is live and available for you to connect to. The demo provides access to live data and the FreeRTOS command console.

The Creating Applications web pages describe how the live demo is implemented. The Hands-on Tutorial web pages show you how to replicate the live demo on a local network using the FreeRTOS Windows simulator.


To ensure users can connect easily the live demo does not use any encryption or authentication. A password is all that is required.

Connecting to the live demo

Instructions on connecting to the live demo are provided on the following page links. A description of the live demo is provided on this page.


The hardware the live demo is running on is sat in an office, and not connected to anything other than the Ethernet. As it does not have real world sensor or production data to display it instead displays internal run time data, including RTOS task and networking statistics, and provides an interface to the FreeRTOS command console.

Live data

The RTOS tick count provides a convenient source of constantly changing live data. It is displayed as a constantly incrementing value inline within a paragraph of text, and on a slider widget. The slider only shows the last 16-bits of the tick count value. If it showed the whole 32-bits then the resolution would be such that the slider would not appear to be moving.

Screen shot from the live demo: The portion of the web page that shows live data

Querying data values

Statistics from the FreeRTOS+UDP network stack provide a convenient source of data that can be queried directly from the remote embedded device. To query a data value, first select the data you wish to query using one of the three radio buttons, then click or touch the "Query Value" button. The returned value is displayed in the button caption.

Screen shot from the live demo: Querying specific data values

Command console

FreeRTOS+CLI is an extensible command line interface that allows application developers to register their own commands. FreeRTOS+Nabto allows the command line interface to be accessed across a local network or across the Internet.

Enter help where it says "Enter Command Here", then either press enter or click or touch the Send Command button to see a list of commands that are registered with FreeRTOS+CLI for use with this demo.

[Note the ping command demonstrates DNS functionality by translating URLs into IP addresses - but ping replies are not displayed]

Screen shot from the live demo: The output generated by running the task.stats command

Screen shot from the live demo: The output generated by running the help command

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