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What is FreeRTOS+Nabto?

Diagram showing connection options for peer to peer connections created using UDP hole punching
Peer to Peer connections for monitoring and control

"Real Time Engineers Ltd have partnered with Nabto to develop FreeRTOS+Nabto, a product that brings simplicity, platform independence, inclusive cloud hosting services, and entry level access to Nabto's peer to peer Internet of Things solution."

Technology Benefits
A cross platform simple option for IoT
A resolvable URL for each device
Remote access over the Internet
Autonomous local access over LAN
No firewall hassles
No fixed IP addresses
No embedded file system necessary
No embedded TCP/IP stack necessary
Removes localisation issues from firmware
Access from computer, tablet or smart phone
Intellegent data acquisition and logging
Very low bandwith for enhanced performance
Increased privacy and security
Reduced hardware and software cost
Extended functionality
Delighted customers!
= Bigger profit!

Local and remote data access - Click to enlarge

Play the "What is Nabto" video

FreeRTOS+Nabto is a small piece of C code that, when integrated into an embedded networked device, allows that device to be remotely accessed and controlled using a rich web based user interface or intelligent data acquisition system.

Each Internet of Things (IoT) device has a unique URL for automatic location over the Internet, and the technology allows secure, authenticated and extremely low bandwidth peer to peer connections to be established even when the device is deployed behind a NAT firewall. FreeRTOS+Nabto enabled IoT devices are even accessible over a local network in the absence of Internet connectivity.

The cloud infrastructure enables IoT devices to be accessed through a rich user interface running in a web browser or smart phone app - the IoT device only supplies the live data components of the interface, which it does using a light weight UDP protocol.

FreeRTOS+Nabto, combined with FreeRTOS's special low power features, makes FreeRTOS a natural choice for implementing the Internet of Things.

An analogy

FreeRTOS+Nabto is a very small and very simple system that is in no way related to telephony. All the same, it is useful to use Skype connectivity as an analogy, because Skype and FreeRTOS+Nabto use the same UDP hole punching technique to first locate, and then set up a connection to, a remote device.

If you are familiar with using Skype you will know you can connect a call to a person wherever that person is at the time of the call, simply by knowing the Skype ID of that person, and having the agreement of the person that the connection can be made.

Using FreeRTOS+Nabto you can connect to a remote IoT device wherever that device is at the time of the connection, simply by knowing the device's unique URL, and being securely authenticated as a legitimate user.


The Nabto µServer code compiles to less than 10K bytes using GCC, and less than 23K bytes inclusive of FreeRTOS and the UDP/IP stack. The technology does not require the embedded device to include either a file system or a TCP/IP stack.

Imagine the Possibilities

The possibilities for Internet enabling devices are countless, and constitute a desirable product feature that personal and business consumers want, and are willing to pay for. With FreeRTOS+Nabto you can take advantage of this in a highly cost effective way, giving you a massive competitive advantage.

Traditional solutions can have a hardware and software cost of $25-$50 per unit - by adopting FreeRTOS+Nabto's off the shelf communication platform, the same functionality can be achieved for as little $5 per unit.

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