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Creating FreeRTOS+Nabto User Interfaces
Part 1: Web content files


Accessing the Internet of Things from Android
Nabto queries were described on the first Creating FreeRTOS+Nabto Applications documentation page. To recap:
  1. Each query type has a unique ID

  2. Request parameters are used to send data to the remote networked device

  3. Response parameters are used to return data from the remote networked device

User interfaces to FreeRTOS+Nabto devices are built using standard web browser technologies that run on desktop computers, tablet computers, and smart phones:

  • Web pages are written using standard HTML files, and can include any content that the web browser is capable of displaying (jpg file, gif files, png files, various different video formats, etc.).

  • The queries used to access a remote device are described to the web browser in a simple XML file.

  • Standard Javascript AJAX functions are used to send queries to remote devices, and handle responses from remote devices.

The XML, Javascript and any other files that make up the web pages are automatically received by the Nabto web browser plug-in from a cloud server when a connection to a remote device is made. That mechanism is described on a separate page.

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