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Technology Highlights
Simple to integrate add-on for embTCP and Simple to integrate add-on for embDUAL
Flexible server configuration
Configurable limit on the number of active connections
Provided pre-built in both debug and release configurations
Supplied with command line interface versions of API functions
Supplied with comprehensive examples, including menu system configuration

System Requirements


embTelnet is InterNiche Telnet technology delivered as a pre-built, low cost, library. It is ideal for cost sensitive applications, low volume products, and any application that does not need the Telnet source code.


embTelnet is easy to integrate because it is pre-built and designed to work seamlessly with embTCP or embDUAL.

Licensing and Purchasing

embTelnet is licensed to a single processor and toolchain combination, and can be used by the licensing individual or organisation on any number of different products. The license is a one off purchase, with no run-time or royalty component. The full license document is available for download using the link on the embTelnet page in the FreeRTOS shop (see the buy now button below).

embTelnet licenses are purchased through the FreeRTOS shop.

Source Code Licensing

Full source code licenses can be obtained for all of InterNiche's products. Contact WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) source code enquiries. Contact InterNiche for source code enquiries in all other regions.

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