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Software Timers Clarification

Posted by stolzie on June 23, 2015

I have been thrown into the deep end and have been given a project by an engineer that has since left the company. So I have no one to bounce questions off. I am a total beginner to the whole RTOS environment and have no idea .

I am currently looking at implementing some more software timers to handle various timeouts and connections to an FTP Server.

One, one shot Timer all ready exists that sets a flag when the timer expires and this then sends a file to the server, the timer is then reset. This is timing is happening every hour. See code below


} xApplicationFTPSendTimeout = xTimerCreate("FTP Send Timer", // Just a text name, not used by the kernel. ((60 * 60 * 1000) msec), // The timer period.
pdFALSE, // The timers will not auto-reload themselves when they expire. (void *) ApplicationFTPSendTimeout, // Assign each timer a unique id. (tmrTIMER_CALLBACK) vApplicationTimerCallback // Timer callback when it expires. ); if(xApplicationFTPSendTimeout == NULL) { // The timer was not created. LOG("Timer Not Initialized...nr"); }

} tmrTIMER_CALLBACK vApplicationTimerCallback(xTimerHandle pxTimer) { long lArrayIndex;

// Optionally do something if the pxTimer parameter is NULL.

// Which timer expired? */
lArrayIndex = (long) pvTimerGetTimerID(pxTimer);

// If the timer has expired stop it from running.
// Do not use a block time if calling a timer API function from a
// timer callback function, as doing so could cause a deadlock!

xTimerStop(pxTimer, 0);

if(lArrayIndex == ApplicationFTPSendTimeout)           stApplication.bits.APPLICATION_FTP_SEND_TIMEOUT = TRUE;



If I wanted to implement another timer to check the FTP server say every 10 minutes, I gather that I would need to create another Timer using the xTimerCreate and create another callback function for this new timer? Or can I create this new timer and use the same callback as the previous timer?

Thanks for your time.

Software Timers Clarification

Posted by stolzie on June 23, 2015

Ok so after trawling through code. I have figured out that I don't need to implement another call back as all that needs to be done is to create the new timer with xTimerCreate for the desired period and then check the lArrayIndex for the Timer ID assigned to that particular timer and then setting the timer from a Dormant state.

Feel free to delete the thread if no longer required.

Software Timers Clarification

Posted by davedoors on June 23, 2015

The handle of the timer is passed in as the callback function parameter. You dont need to check an index.

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