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FreeRTOS software timer not working

Posted by anupshamanur on June 29, 2017

Hey guys I am Anup and i am a student. I am new to freeRTOS concepts. I am using STM32F407VGTx board and i want to implement Software Timers to blink the LEDs using Keil software. I am creating the software timer and then I am starting the timer. As per the concepts the software timer should call the callback function as soon as the timer has expired but this is not happening with my code. I have pasted my main.c and the software timer configurations in freeRTOSconfig.h below. Do see that and tell me what I am doing wrong soon. Thanks in advance.

#include "stm32f4xx_hal.h"
#include "cmsis_os.h"
osThreadId defaultTaskHandle;
osTimerId mytimerHandle;
void SystemClock_Config(void);
void Error_Handler(void);
static void MX_GPIO_Init(void);
void StartDefaultTask(void const * argument);
void myfn(TimerHandle_t mytimer);
TimerHandle_t mytimer = NULL;
int main(void)
  osThreadDef(defaultTask, StartDefaultTask, osPriorityNormal, 0, 128);
  defaultTaskHandle = osThreadCreate(osThread(defaultTask), NULL);
  while (1)
void SystemClock_Config(void)
  RCC_OscInitTypeDef RCC_OscInitStruct;
  RCC_ClkInitTypeDef RCC_ClkInitStruct;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.OscillatorType = RCC_OSCILLATORTYPE_HSI;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.HSIState = RCC_HSI_ON;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.HSICalibrationValue = 16;
  RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLState = RCC_PLL_NONE;
  if (HAL_RCC_OscConfig(&RCC_OscInitStruct) != HAL_OK)
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.AHBCLKDivider = RCC_SYSCLK_DIV1;
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.APB1CLKDivider = RCC_HCLK_DIV1;
  RCC_ClkInitStruct.APB2CLKDivider = RCC_HCLK_DIV1;
  if (HAL_RCC_ClockConfig(&RCC_ClkInitStruct, FLASH_LATENCY_0) != HAL_OK)
  HAL_NVIC_SetPriority(SysTick_IRQn, 15, 0);
static void MX_GPIO_Init(void)
  GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStruct;
  GPIO_InitStruct.Pin = GPIO_PIN_12|GPIO_PIN_13|GPIO_PIN_14|GPIO_PIN_15;
  GPIO_InitStruct.Pull = GPIO_NOPULL;
  GPIO_InitStruct.Speed = GPIO_SPEED_FREQ_LOW;
  HAL_GPIO_Init(GPIOD, &GPIO_InitStruct);

void StartDefaultTask(void const * argument)
**     vTaskStartScheduler();
	 mytimer = xTimerCreate( "Timer" , pdMS_TO_TICKS( 500 ) ,pdTRUE, "123" , myfn);
	 xTimerStart( mytimer, 0);**

**/* myfn Callaback function */
void myfn(TimerHandle_t mytimer)

void Error_Handler(void)

void assert_failed(uint8_t* file, uint32_t line)

/* Software timer definitions. */
**#define configUSE_TIMERS  **                               1
**#define configTIMER_TASK_PRIORITY**                ( configMAX_PRIORITIES - 1 )
**#define configTIMER_QUEUE_LENGTH  **              10
**#define configTIMER_TASK_STACK_DEPTH**         256

FreeRTOS software timer not working

Posted by rtel on June 29, 2017

This is very hard to answer as you are not using the native FreeRTOS API. I don't know what osThreadDef() is doing, but a quick Google search would seem to indicate it is defined as:

#define osThreadDef	(	 	name,

You are calling:

osThreadDef(defaultTask, StartDefaultTask, osPriorityNormal, 0, 128);

so it seems you are setting the priority to StartDefaultTask.

These are not FreeRTOS APIs though, so falls outside of FreeRTOS support.

I cannot see defaultTask being defined anywhere. Is it just a name? Is StartDefaultTask support to be the actual task? If so then it needs to be implemented as described here: http://www.freertos.org/implementing-a-FreeRTOS-task.html

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