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Issue While Porting FAT32 Driver on Virtex -4

Posted by Anurag on May 11, 2012
Dear Sir

I am getting issue While POrting FAT32 Driver using SDCard on Virtex-4 Code.is compile.At a run time i getting issue of File Write to SDCard.I am using Follwing code

Error:- Its shows NoValied FAT32 File System on SDCard..So please guide for fixed this issue

:-E- SendCmd18,0 (1)
Open File to write Failure...error = 13
-Open File fil.fs = 0
-Open File fil.id = 0
-Open File fil.dsect = 0
-Open File fil.clust = 0
-Open File fil.fsize = 0

Write a text data to the Card.
write file Failure...error = 9

Close the file writeen.
Open File to write...

void prvTaskD (void* pvParameters)


(void) pvParameters; // Just to stop compiler warnings.

for (;;) {
static FRESULT rc; /* Result code */
static FATFS fatfs; /* File system object */
static FIL fil; /* File object */
static DIR dir; /* Directory object */
static FILINFO fno; /* File information object */
int i ;
char key ;

static UINT bw, br, numread;
static BYTE buff[64];
BYTE Message[] = "HELLO from www.letrungthang.blogspot.com" ; // message's content
TCHAR *FilePath = "MESSAGE.TXT" ; // file path

f_mount(0, &fatfs); /* Register volume work area (never fails) */

// File testing
printf("Open File to write...\n\r");

if( rc != FR_OK ) {
// printf("-E- f_mount pb: 0x%X (%s)\n\r", rc);
return 0;

// Test if the disk is formated
rc = f_opendir (&dir,STR_ROOT_DIRECTORY);
if(rc == FR_OK ){

// erase sdcard to re-format it ?
printf("-I- The disk is already formated.\n\r");

// Display the file tree
printf("-I- Display files contained on the SDcard :\n\r");

printf("-I- Do you want to erase the sdcard to re-format disk ? (y/n)!\n\r");

key = 'y';
if( (key == 'y') || (key == 'Y'))
for(i=0;i<100;i++) {
// MEDSdcard_EraseBlock(&medias[ID_DRV], i);
printf("-I- Erase the first 100 blocks complete !\n\r");

rc = f_open(&fil, FilePath, FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS); /* Create a file on the drive 0 */
if(rc) rc = f_open(&fil, FilePath, FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS);// try again once

if (!rc) {
printf("Open File to write successful...\n\r");
}else {
printf("Open File to write Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);
printf("-Open File fil.fs = %d\n\r",fil.fs);
printf("-Open File fil.id = %d\n\r",fil.id);
printf("-Open File fil.dsect = %d\n\r",fil.dsect);
printf("-Open File fil.clust = %d\n\r",fil.clust);
printf("-Open File fil.fsize = %d\n\r",fil.fsize);

printf("\nWrite a text data to the Card.\n\r");

rc = f_write(&fil, Message, sizeof(Message)-1, &bw); // write file

if (!rc) {
printf("write success. %u bytes written.\n\r", bw);
}else {
printf("write file Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\nClose the file writeen.\n\r");
rc = f_close(&fil); // close file

if (!rc) {
printf("File writeen closed success.\n\r");
}else {
printf("File close writeen was failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\n\rOpen File to read...\n\r");
rc = f_open(&fil, FilePath, FA_READ | FA_OPEN_EXISTING); /* Create a file on the drive 0 */
if(rc) rc = f_open(&fil, FilePath, FA_READ | FA_OPEN_EXISTING);// try again once

printf("-Open File fil.fs = %d\n\r",fil.fs);
printf("-Open File fil.id = %d\n\r",fil.id);
printf("-Open File fil.dsect = %d\n\r",fil.dsect);
printf("-Open File fil.clust = %d\n\r",fil.clust);
printf("-Open File fil.fsize = %d\n\r",fil.fsize);

if (!rc) {
printf("Open File to read successful...\n\r");
}else {
printf("Open File to read Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\nRead the file content from the Card:\n\r");
for (;;) {
rc = f_read(&fil, buff, sizeof(buff), &br); /* Read a chunk of file */
if (rc || !br) break; /* Error or end of file */

// for (int i = 0; i < br; i++) /* Type the data */
// putchar(buff);

numread += br ;

if (!rc) {
printf("\n\r%u bytes read.\n\r", numread);
}else {
printf("read file Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\nClose the file.\n\r");
rc = f_close(&fil); // close file

if (!rc) {
printf("File closed.\n\r");
}else {
printf("File close Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);
// Directory testing
printf("\nOpen root directory.\n\r");
rc = f_opendir(&dir, "");

if (!rc) {
printf("Open Dir OK.\n\r");
}else {
printf("Open Dir Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\nDirectory listing...\n\r");
for (;;) {
rc = f_readdir(&dir, &fno); /* Read a directory item */
if (rc || !fno.fname[0]) break; /* Error or end of dir */

if (fno.fattrib & AM_DIR)
printf(" [dir] %s\n\r", fno.fname); // is Directory
printf("%8lu %s\n\r", fno.fsize, fno.fname); // is file

if (!rc) {
printf("Listing Dir complete.\n\r");
}else {
printf("Listing Dir Failure...error = %u\n\r",rc);

printf("\nTest completed.\n\r");
f_mount(0, NULL);/* Unregister work area prior to discard it */

// vTaskDelay(1000);


RE: Issue While Porting FAT32 Driver on Virtex -4

Posted by Richard on May 11, 2012
Absolutely no idea. This is not FreeRTOS code, a system I have never used, and has nothing to do with FreeRTOS as far as I can see. Sorry, but I can't help. Where did you get the file system from? I would recommend asking your questions there.


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