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how can i install freertos

Posted by mafalda on November 28, 2007

Im trying to install freertos in my board, it's at91sam9263, i've the source code from the at91sam9260 and i don't now what have to adapt and where have i to insert the bin. And, what about de web server?? Where i have to install de pages?? or they are included on the binary files??


RE: how can i install freertos

Posted by Dave on November 28, 2007
What are the differences between the 9263 and 9260? I think they are compatible so all you need to do is compile the FreeRTOS source files along with your application. Is this what the 9260 project you have does? Just copy that.

RE: how can i install freertos

Posted by mafalda on November 29, 2007
thank you for reply

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