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Linker error in GCC

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on October 17, 2006
I am using CodeSourcery's GCC 4.1.0 compiler to do a port to an ARM7TDMI-based system. So I took the ARM7_LPC2106_GCC port and am in the process of modifying. I am trying to compile after some mods and I get a linker error:

arm-none-eabi/bin/ld: region ram is full (rtosdemo.elf section .bss)

Not sure why this is happening, especially since my board has 4MB of RAM. I have modified the linker script to reflect the increased RAM but otherwise left it as it was:

flash: ORIGIN = 0, LENGTH = 512K
ram: ORIGIN = 0xc0000000, LENGTH = 4M

__stack_end__ = 0xc0000000 + 4M - 4;

. = 0;
startup : { *(.startup)} >ram

prog :
} >ram

__end_of_text__ = .;

.data :
__data_beg__ = .;
__data_beg_src__ = __end_of_text__;
__data_end__ = .;
} >ram

.bss :
__bss_beg__ = .;
} >ram

/* Align here to ensure that the .bss section occupies space up to
_end. Align after .bss to ensure correct alignment even if the
.bss section disappears because there are no input sections. */
. = ALIGN(32 / 8);
. = ALIGN(32 / 8);
_end = .;
_bss_end__ = . ; __bss_end__ = . ; __end__ = . ;
PROVIDE (end = .);

In the map file, what looks shady to me is:

.bss 0xc0006640 0x100 ../../Source/tasks.o
0xc0006640 pxCurrentTCB
.bss 0xc0006740 0x400018 ../../Source/portable/MemMang/heap_2.o
COMMON 0xc0406758 0x4 ../Common/Minimal/dynamic.o
0xc0406758 xSuspendedTestQueue
0xc040675c . = ALIGN (0x4)
0xc040675c . = ALIGN (0x4)
0xc040675c _end = .
0xc040675c _bss_end__ = .
0xc040675c __bss_end__ = .
0xc040675c __end__ = .
0xc040675c PROVIDE (end, .)
OUTPUT(rtosdemo.elf elf32-littlearm)

What's weird is there is the line .bss 0xc0006740 0x400018 ../../Source/portable/MemMang/heap_2.o

because after this the addresses go beyond the 4MB limit. Not sure though.

Any help is appreciated.


RE: Linker error in GCC

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on October 17, 2006
Are you running your code from RAM?

I'm not sure about the line:
startup : { *(.startup)} >ram

seems you are placing your code above the RAM whereas the lines:

flash : ORIGIN = 0, LENGTH = 512K
ram : ORIGIN = 0xc0000000, LENGTH = 4M

would seem to put your flash below the RAM?

RE: Linker error in GCC

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on October 18, 2006
Even if I comment out the flash memory layout info in the MEMORY section of the linker script, I get the same error.

grr this is frustrating..
Any clues anyone?

RE: Linker error in GCC

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on October 18, 2006
Found the problem! For posterity, the problem was that I set #define configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE to occupy all 4MB!! Changed it to smaller and it links ok.

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