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Problem with xQueueSend/Receive in long run..

Posted by Vagner on October 2, 2009
Hi, there.

I'm experiencing some strange behavior while using xQueueSendFromISR and xQueueReceiveFromISR in a kind of long running process.

Being practical, let the array of bytes [16, 2, 102, 2, 0, 16, 3] be a sample data among thousand others. Then an excerpt of an ISR could be:

while (U1STAbits.URXDA)
cChar = U1RXREG;
xQueueSendFromISR(UART1RxQueue, &cChar, &xHigherPriorityTaskWoken);

Now supposing another sample data like [ 76, 1, 21, 29, 80] was received via UART and then enqueued, in another task like this

for (;;)
if (xQueueReceiveFromISR(com1RxQueue, &cChar,
&xHigherPriorityTaskWoken) == pdTRUE)
// do something

one would expect getting the same sequence of bytes, but I just got [3, 76, 1, 21, 29] instead - note the last byte of the first sample array is at the first index of its subsequent sample array.

It seems there's a byte to be consumed at the queue, but the queue itself just doesn't know about it. I think that "suspicious" byte was not lost, it just got stuck somewhere between xQueueSend and xQueueReceive.

Does anyone could help me, please? Thanks in advance.



RE: Problem with xQueueSend/Receive in long run..

Posted by Richard Damon on October 3, 2009
My first question is did the full first message get removed from the queue when the previous message was fetched, and how does it know when one message ends and the next starts.

I note that your second example you call it a "task", but use the "FromISR" version. Tasks should use the version without FromISR, if this is actually in an ISR that is ok.

Lastly, remember that data from a Serial Port (which U1RXREG sounds like) does not all arrive at once. Even if you use a fifo, then it may fill enough to trip an interrupt before all of a packet has arrived, so just reading out until the queue is empty and then calling that the end of a packet isn't reliable unless you do something else to make sure the whole message has been received.

RE: Problem with xQueueSend/Receive in long run..

Posted by Vagner on October 5, 2009
Hi, Richard. Thanks for your reply.

Here your are some additional notes:

1) My queue is only 1 byte length, so I'm sure a full first message was removed from the queue before a second one got put there.

2) I have a state machine working against a DLE/STX/DLE/ETX -like protocol (wich does perform CRC validation), so I'm able to know when each message starts and ends.

3) My fault about the "FromISR" inside a task. Anyway, whatever xQueueReceive ("FromISR" or not) I may use, results are the same.

4) It's important to say this behavior only appears after several minutes of hard working. After only a few minutes, this problem doesn't come up.

Hope I've provided you clear information. Thanks again.

Best regards,


RE: Problem with xQueueSend/Receive in long run..

Posted by Vagner on October 20, 2009
Hi again.

I've just replaced xQueueSendFromISR() and xQueueReceive() with a pretty simple queue I've created manually (see bellow) and it's been working fine now.

void testQueueSend(signed portCHAR * data)
if (p == 20)
p = 0;

buffer[p++] = (signed portCHAR) *data;


char testQueueReceive(signed portCHAR * data)
if (c == 20)
c = 0;

if (buffer[c] != -1)
*data = buffer[c];
buffer[c++] = -1;
return 1;

return 0;

So, could it be a bug? (This doesn't happen at low baud rates.)


RE: Problem with xQueueSend/Receive in long run..

Posted by MEdwards on October 22, 2009
Are you using a port that supports interrupt nesting? If so is your interrupt running at or below configMAX_SYSCALL_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY?

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