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Cortex-M3 simulation problem.

Posted by Roberto Bonacina on September 30, 2009
I am a newbie in ARM and FreeRTOS.

I am trying to execute a simple program that uses FreeRTOS.
The program has 2 tasks coordinated with a binary semaphore.
Each task takes the semaphore, assigns a variable and then releases the semaphore.
My starting point is given by the STM32F103 demos for IAR and Keil. I simplified them, added my tasks and configured to run in simulation mode (I don't have a physical target yet).

Here is the code added in main.c

int main( void )
#ifdef DEBUG


taskCode = 0;


xTaskCreate(vFirstPrintTask, "First_Task", 128, NULL,
xTaskCreate(vSecondPrintTask, "Second_Task", 128, NULL,

/* Start the scheduler. */

/* Will only get here if there was not enough heap space to
create the idle task. */
return 0;

static void vFirstPrintTask(void *pvParameters)
if (xSemaphoreTake(xSemaphore, portMAX_DELAY) != NULL)
taskCode = 1;

if (xSemaphoreGive(xSemaphore) != pdTRUE)
//printf("Semaphore not released by task 1.\n");

static void vSecondPrintTask(void *pvParameters)
if (xSemaphoreTake(xSemaphore, portMAX_DELAY) != NULL)
taskCode = 2;

if (xSemaphoreGive(xSemaphore) != pdTRUE)
//printf("Semaphore not released by task 2.\n");

When I run the program, the semaphore and the tasks are created, then I can see that the second task is executed once. When exiting from this task, the last assembly instruction executed is POP {r4,pc}, then the PC becomes 0x00000000 and a hard fault is generated. The usage fault register has the INVSTATE bit set.
This happens with both IAR and Keil IDEs.

What am I doing wrong?

Could it be possible to add to FreeRTOS a demo like this, in order to make it possible to run it in evaluation IDEs (32K code limited) and in simulation mode?


RE: Cortex-M3 simulation problem.

Posted by Richard Damon on September 30, 2009
functions that implement tasks should not return, and normally have built int them an infinite loop like a while(1){} or for(;;){} loop. your tasks execute the code once and then return which will cause a crash.

It might be nice if FreeRTOS directed tasks that returned to a routine to handle this, but it currently doesn't and returning from a task function will just crash.

RE: Cortex-M3 simulation problem.

Posted by Richard on September 30, 2009
If you wish to terminate a task it is necessary to delete it. The follow structure works:

void vATask( void )
for( ;; )
/* Do some work here. */

if( some situation arises )

/* Task must be deleted before the end of the function is reached. */
vTaskDelete( NULL );


p.s. I wrote the code in a text editor, indented it all, then pasted it into this text box, and it is appearing correctly in the preview pane at least.

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