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port.c from --Atmel-IAR-AtmelSAM9XE

Posted by ddement on September 23, 2009
I'm trying to clone the port.c from the AtmelSAM9XE folder as the basis for a SAM9260 system, but built with an older (4.20) IAR compiler.
I look at the prvSetupTimerInterrupt() code which uses the AIC_ConfigureIT() function to link the PIT interrupt to its handler. The handler is specified as vPortTickISR(). The comments in ISR code says it is called by a wrapper, but it sure doesn't look like that is how the AIC is set up. And I can't find a tick wrapper .s79 source file anywhere.
Can anyone please clarify - is this really correct?
Thank you.

RE: port.c from --Atmel-IAR-AtmelSAM9XE

Posted by MEdwards on September 23, 2009
IAR V5 using .s as the file extension, look for a file with .s rather that .s79.

RE: port.c from --Atmel-IAR-AtmelSAM9XE

Posted by ddement on September 23, 2009
Thank you - I did find the vectors and front end code which calls the C handler between the context save and restore. It makes sense with that code. I appreciate your help.

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