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Kernel Tick Function
[Software Test Details]

The operation calls the functions vTaskIncrementTick() and vTaskSwitchContext(), which are the functions called on each RTOS kernel tick. The task lists maintained by the RTOS kernel were set to a predefined condition prior to the test being performed. This removes any timing jitter and allows a direct comparison with results taken for other embedded processors.

The saving and restoration of a task context is not included within the measurement. Each microcontroller requires a different set of registers to be saved meaning a comparison is not directly possible. The PUSH and POP test detailed in the next section can be used as a guide to how efficient the context switch itself may be.

The operation is only performed once during the measured period. The relative shortness of the operation means the time taken to set and clear the digital output has a greater influence on the measured time than for other tests.

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