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Results - Rabbit Semiconductors
[Rabbit 2000]

Time measurements were obtained using an oscilloscope attached to a digital output. See the "Tests Performed" section for more details.
Results are with the development tools fully optimized for speed unless otherwise stated.



16bit addition


16bit multiplication


16bit division


32bit multiplication


32bit subtraction


Bubble sort


Block memory move and compare


Conditional branch to procedure


Scheduler tick function

Not performed. The RTOS has not been ported to the Rabbit.

PUSH’ing and POP’ing


The results for the bubble sort are odd, being a number of times slower than comparable microcontrollers. I have check and double checked the result and as far as I can tell it is accurate. Optimizing for size, or running the test from RAM made only an insignificant difference.

Care should be taken when comparing results for the PUSH and POP test, as on the Rabbit a 16bit register was pushed/popped with each instruction.

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