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What's New in July 2020 FreeRTOS Releases

We are excited to share these latest updates:
  1. Progress toward the FreeRTOS LTS release:

    • Refactored MQTT library: The file contains, among other things, our progress toward completing the refactoring and quality checklist for the MQTT library. It is now simpler to bring the MQTT library into any project – including projects that do not use FreeRTOS. You can find details on the refactored MQTT library here, and pre-configured projects that demonstrate the library’s most basic usage scenarios here. Pre-configured projects that demonstrate more complex usage scenarios will follow. Additional details on our upcoming Long Term Support (LTS) release can be found on the LTS Roadmap page.

    • OTA Pause and Resume: The file also contains enhancements to the OTA library. Now, a FreeRTOS device can suspend an in-progress OTA if it disconnects from the network, and then resume the OTA when it reconnects. This helps OTA downloads to complete quickly when there is intermittent network connectivity. You can find details on the OTA library here.

    See Changelog for a full list of enhancements.

  2. AWS reference integrations:

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