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What's new in the 202011.00 FreeRTOS release

We are happy to announce the 202011.00 FreeRTOS release is now available for immediate download.

This release brings in a number of new features and capabilities by graduating libraries from the published LTS roadmap into the official FreeRTOS distribution - the LTS roadmap page gives an insight into what will follow. In recognition of this growing number of libraries we have made two other changes. First, and as mentioned in our previous post, we have moved away from using the FreeRTOS kernel's version number to version the download in favor of instead using timestamp versioning. Second, to make the libraries easier to consume, we have placed each library in its own Github repository.

FreeRTOS libraries update

The new libraries comply with the code quality checklist documented on the LTS roadmap page, including a growing number of memory safety proofs. For maximum design flexibility they are also designed to be standalone, so they have no dependencies on anything other than the standard C library - so there is no dependency on FreeRTOS or threading.

The first wave of newly added libraries are providing cloud agnostic support for security and connectivity protocols commonly used in IoT applications. These now include:

  • coreMQTT: implements an MQTT v.3.1.1 client. This library has been designed to run on top of any TCP/IP stack. It can be used without multitasking, or, as our examples demonstrate, it can run as an agent in a multithreaded application.

  • coreJSON: implements a memory efficient (ECMA-404 compliant) JSON parser ideal for small footprints for easy manipulation of objects serialized with this popular notation, a requirement for many IoT applications.

  • corePKCS11: implements a subset of the OASIS PKCS #11 API standard for cryptographic tokens controlling authentication information. These APIs will help your IoT applications to handle secure authentication in a portable way.


FreeRTOS kernel update

The 202011.00 includes a new patch release of the FreeRTOS kernel - version 10.4.2. Note the FreeRTOS kernel is now in its own GitHub repo too for ease of inclusion (sub-moduling) into a variety of projects. The v10.4.2 release contains patches to a number of ports - see the kernel's change history for details.

Additional updates

A complete FreeRTOS release always includes, in addition to the kernel, several folders containing demo projects, FreeRTOS Plus libraries and third party libraries. Among those, this new release brings the following changes:

  • The WolfSSL TLS library has now been updated to v4.5.0 and a new FIPS ready demo has been added.
  • Support for ESP IDF v4.2 has been added to include the latest Espressif toolchain release.

Additional updates include increased levels of MISRA C compliance across the entire project.

And One More Thing

Before closing, I am excited to announce our new video series "FreeRTOS On Demand Video" covering topics related to FreeRTOS and common questions requested by members of the community. Here is a sneak peek at a first interview with Richard Barry . Let us know (in the forums) what you think!

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