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FreeRTOS 202107.00 now includes the SNTP library for time information in IoT applications

FreeRTOS 202107.00 now includes the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client library to make it easier for developers to add support for time information in their FreeRTOS-based IoT applications. The SNTP client library, named coreSNTP, is used to synchronize clocks between a device and the cloud.

You can use coreSNTP in IoT applications where devices need to display the time or use it in their business logic (e.g. control temperature and lighting). In addition, you can use the coreSNTP library to validate certificates during TLS handshakes with the cloud or, if required, generate signatures to authenticate cloud storage requests (e.g. SigV4 signatures for HTTPs requests to Amazon Simple Storage Service). The SNTP functionality becomes especially important in IoT devices that cannot retain time and date information in the absence of external power (e.g. IoT devices that do not have real-time clock modules). For more details on the coreSNTP library, see the readme.

Get started by downloading FreeRTOS source code from the Downloads page or GitHub, and find more information on the Libraries page.

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Tanmoy Sen is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services where he focuses on helping customers and embedded developers connect microcontroller-based devices to the cloud.
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