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What's New in November 2021 FreeRTOS Releases

We're excited to share these latest updates:

  • The FreeRTOS download now contains an example of code that demonstrates a method of minimizing the time that an application spends in privileged mode in FreeRTOS ports on microcontrollers (MCUs) with Memory Protection Unit (MPU) support. These FreeRTOS ports with MPU support enable MCU applications to be more robust and secure by running application tasks in unprivileged mode, where they have access only to their own stacks and pre-configured memory regions. The only application code sections that run in privileged mode on these MPU enabled MCUs are Interrupt Service Routines (ISRs). The example code demonstrates an approach to keeping ISRs short and deferring most of the application work to unprivileged FreeRTOS tasks. This helps improve the security of the application by minimizing the time it spends in privileged mode. To learn more and get started, visit the demo page and download the example code from the Downloads page or GitHub.

  • Last year we introduced a preview of a new FreeRTOS library designed to simplify the development of IoT applications that connect to the cloud using cellular LTE-M technology. We're excited to announce that the FreeRTOS cellular LTE-M interface library is now part of the main FreeRTOS download. With this launch, developers will find it easier to build IoT devices that use the cellular LTE-M protocol to connect to cloud services. To learn more about the FreeRTOS cellular interface library, visit the libraries page, and download the FreeRTOS cellular interface library and demos. The main FreeRTOS download includes AWS IoT reference integrations with cellular modules from vendors such as Sierra Wireless, u-blox, and Quectel.

We're looking forward to your feedback. Reach out to us on the FreeRTOS forums if you have comments or requests!

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Tanmoy Sen is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services where he focuses on helping customers and embedded developers connect microcontroller-based devices to the cloud.
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