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sigevent Struct Reference

Signal event structure. More...

#include <signal.h>

Data Fields

int sigev_notify
int sigev_signo
union sigval sigev_value
void(* sigev_notify_function )(union sigval)

Detailed Description

Signal event structure.

Field Documentation

◆ sigev_notify

int sigevent::sigev_notify

Notification type. A value of SIGEV_SIGNAL is not supported.

◆ sigev_signo

int sigevent::sigev_signo

Signal number. This member is ignored.

◆ sigev_value

union sigval sigevent::sigev_value

Signal value. Only the sival_ptr member is used.

◆ sigev_notify_function

void( * sigevent::sigev_notify_function) (union sigval)

Notification function.

◆ sigev_notify_attributes

pthread_attr_t* sigevent::sigev_notify_attributes

Notification attributes.

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