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[FreeRTOS Embedded File System API]

unsigned char f_close( F_FILE *pxFileHandle );

Closes a file in the embedded FAT file system that was previously opened using a call to f_open().


pxFileHandle   The handle of the file being closed. The file handle is returned from the call to f_open() used to originally open the file.

F_NO_ERROR   The file was closed.

Any other value   The file could not be closed. The return value holds the error code.

See also

f_read(), f_write(), f_open().

Example usage:

void vSampleFunction( void )
F_FILE *pxFile;
char c;

/* Open a file called afile.bin. */
pxFile = f_open( "afile.bin", "r" );
if( pxFile != NULL )
* Access the file here using f_read().

/* Close the file when all acceses are complete. */
f_close( pxFile );

Example use of the f_close() API function
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