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portBASE_TYPE conflict definition with vtaskDelayUntil()

Posted by chaabanemalki on April 15, 2014


I migrated from freeRTOS 7.6.0 to 8.0.0

when building the same project of a PIC32Mx using XC32 1.31 and FreeRTOS 8.0.0

I get this error everytime i use vtaskDelayUntil() ../GPS/GPS.c:488:21: warning: passing argument 1 of 'vTaskDelayUntil' from incompatible pointer type ../Source/include/task.h:599:6: note: expected 'TickType_t * const' but argument is of type 'long int *'

But I don't get it with FreeRTOS 7.6.0

here is my line of code

portBASETYPE xLastTimeWakeTask; vTaskDelayUntil(&xLastTimeWakeTask, 100/portTICKRATE_MS);

the first argument (portTickType) in vtaskDelayUntil() is defined :

in 7.6.0 : typedef unsigned long portTickType;

in 8.0.0 : typedef uint32t TickTypet; and in microchip type definition i find

typedef __ uint32t uint32t; typedef unsigned int __ uint32_t;

and this makes TickType_t an unsigned int.

I changed the definition of TickTypet to long like portBASETYPE, would that make a mess after ?

portBASE_TYPE conflict definition with vtaskDelayUntil()

Posted by davedoors on April 15, 2014

In both V7.6.0 and V8.0.0 the tick type has been unsigned. Your code snipped is declaring xLastTimeWakeTask as a signed portBASE_TYPE. This has probably always been wrong in your code but not been highlighted until you switch to v8 because in v8 it is attempting an implicit conversion to a typedef.

Try building against V7.6.0 with the -Wextra compiler option. Does it generate a warning then?

Have a look at http://www.freertos.org/upgrading-to-FreeRTOS-V8.html#typedefs

portBASE_TYPE conflict definition with vtaskDelayUntil()

Posted by chaabanemalki on April 15, 2014

Thank you for the clarificaiton, I mixed between portBASE_TYPE and portTickType

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