FreeRTOS efm32gg – simulating interrupts

I’m trying to convert a windows FreeRTOS sempahore example to be used with efm32gg. This is example 16 in Amazon’s FreeRTOS Developer Guide located here I believe I narrowed down the conversion to the difference between two commands:
  • vPortSetInterruptHandler( mainINTERRUPT_NUMBER, ulExampleInterruptHandler );
  • vPortGenerateSimulatedInterrupt( mainINTERRUPT_NUMBER );
As best as I understand, these are commands that simulate interrupts in Windows. Does anyone know the equivalent commands for efm32gg?

FreeRTOS efm32gg – simulating interrupts

  • vPortSetInterruptHandler( mainINTERRUPT_NUMBER, ulExampleInterruptHandler );
There is no equivalent – the Windows port is a bit unique here in that you can’t install a real handler. In the other ports (real MCUs), just install the interrupt handler in the vector table as you would any other.
  • vPortGenerateSimulatedInterrupt( mainINTERRUPT_NUMBER );
The Cortex-M has a set of SetPending registers, where if you set a bit for a particular interrupt, that interrupt will execute if it is enabled. There are probably CMSIS functions for the same, but I’m not sure. Here is an example mainTRIGGER_INTERRUPT() macro from the LPC17xx version of the book examples, which does actually appear to be using a CMSIS function to pend the interrupt, despite what I just wrote above:
This is how the interrupt was configured in the first place:
static void prvSetupSoftwareInterrupt( void )
     /* The interrupt service routine uses an (interrupt safe) FreeRTOS 
API function so the interrupt priority must be at or below the priority
     NVIC_SetPriority( mainSW_INTERRUPT_ID, 

     /* Enable the interrupt. */
     NVIC_EnableIRQ( mainSW_INTERRUPT_ID );
and here is the handler:
void vSoftwareInterruptHandler( void )
portBASE_TYPE xHigherPriorityTaskWoken = pdFALSE;

     /* 'Give' the semaphore to unblock the task. */
     xSemaphoreGiveFromISR( xBinarySemaphore, &xHigherPriorityTaskWoken );

     /* Clear the software interrupt bit using the interrupt controllers
     Clear Pending register. */

     /* Giving the semaphore may have unblocked a task - if it did and the
     unblocked task has a priority equal to or above the currently executing
     task then xHigherPriorityTaskWoken will have been set to pdTRUE and
     portEND_SWITCHING_ISR() will force a context switch to the newly 
     higher priority task.

     NOTE: The syntax for forcing a context switch within an ISR varies 
     FreeRTOS ports.  The portEND_SWITCHING_ISR() macro is provided as 
part of
     the Cortex M3 port layer for this purpose.  taskYIELD() must never 
be called
     from an ISR! */
     portEND_SWITCHING_ISR( xHigherPriorityTaskWoken );