FreeRTOS with PIC18 and ECPLL

I am using FreeRTOS with a PIC18F87J11.  I have a 10 MHz clock input and plan to use the PLL to run it at 40 MHz. I set the configuration bits to use ECPLL, and set the OSCTUNEbits.PLLEN to 1.  If I run the code using a Real ICE emulator, the PIC will continuously reset.  If I set the OSCTUNEbits.PLLEN to 0, the code runs fine at the lower speed.  If I program the part and let it run stand-alone, it doesn’t run at all.  I have not had this problem with other RTOS’s on the same part (and board), but I’m not sure if it is the RTOS.  I’m open to any suggestions and questions!