STR750 (ST750-EVAL) + IAR 5 not working

Hello, After two hours trial and error I still can’t get it to work. Other projects can be flashed normally but not the demo of FreeRTOS. I got the following informations from J-Link driver: Breakpoint    #1 Handle         0x001 Address      0x00000008 Permission     Hard Implementation     Hard * No device selected The output of IAR says: 692 Bytes downloaded and verified Target reset Then it is stalled until removing the USB-connection to the J-Link. After that I get: Fatal error: Could not transfer JTAG data Session aborted Warning: Code still contains old breakpoints ***** Well as for the breakpoints: IAR Workbench doesn’t not show me a single one. It’s just the one I have seen in the J-Link info. I even tried another flasher-file (from the other projects) without success. Help, hints or something to solve this problem would be fine… Regards,