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LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by mr_theo on August 30, 2013
Hi all

I've got problem with FreeRTOS v6.0.5 - it compiles just fine, I download it to the demoboard, open the website in my browser, but the website is empty - I mean there is this static menu + it keeps refreshing every 2 seconds as it should be, but there are no stats (neither tasks, nor tcp or connections). So something if faulty and I can't find what exactly. Can you help?

These are all files of my copy of FreeRTOS- [download] - basically it's just fresh LPC23xx copy, modified to run on LPC2468 + my software (compiler)

My demoboard is Olimex LPC2468. I'm using GNU Make 3.81 + GNU ARM Toolchain (arm-2011.03-42-arm-none-eabi), compiling it from command line.
Currently no Eclipse installed, but I don't see this as a potential threat.

Many thanks in advance

RE: LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by mr_theo on August 30, 2013
Just upgraded my FreeRTOS to v7.5.2 - just had to copy original (v.6.0.5) emac.c + emac.h files, because with the v.7.5.2 ones my ethernet interface would not power up (no leds blinking, couldn't connect).
Anyway, the stats problem still exists. Strange, considering it should be out of the box feature.

RE: LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by MEdwards on August 30, 2013
Run time stats is not an out the box feature because it uses a separate timer, and each chip family has different timers. You must configure the timer and feed the timer counter to the stats functions. The rest of the functionality is built in. Have you done this? http://www.freertos.org/rtos-run-time-stats.html

RE: LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by mr_theo on August 30, 2013
I'm not saying run time stats, i'm saying general stats, which (correct me if i'm wrong) are out of the box feature:

RE: LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by Diptopal Basu on August 31, 2013
Can you run a small experiment? The task statistics are generated through the vTaskList call and then printed out on the web page I think. If you are using some sort of print function to print characters out to a terminal, then make a call to vTaskList and print out the value to the terminal. If all goes well, you should see the same type of report as you pasted above in the console. If the vTaskList call works and you are able to see the report, you should be able to see it on the webpage also ideally. I am assuming that all tabs are not visible. Now, I have not seen the webserver code but I am not sure if one tab is broken, if it has any effect on the other tabs.

Also in your FreeRTOSConfig.h, I saw no entry for generating run time task statistics. Which is #define configGENERATE_RUN_TIME_STATS1 . and the associated configuration. In the link that I have pasted above you will find the other functions too that are responsible for generating statistics data. Also in your main program the prvSetupHardware function which should have been referred to in the FreeRTOSConfig.h, a portion of code is commented out, I have not worked on the LPC2648 so I cant say for sure.

RE: LPC2468, FreeRTOS 6.0.5 - no stats displaying

Posted by mr_theo on September 5, 2013
Nope, that's not it. What I had to change was some code in httpd-cgi.c file, line ~79

httpd_cgi(char *name)
const struct httpd_cgi_call **f;

/* Find the matching name in the table, return the function. */
for(f = calls; *f != NULL; ++f) {
if(strncmp((*f)->name, name, strlen((*f)->name)) == 0) {
return (*f)->function;
return nullfunction;

to paste:
httpd_cgi(char *name)
char funNumb, funIdx;
funNumb = sizeof(calls) - 1; // -1 bo NULL na koncu

for(funIdx = 0; funIdx < funNumb; funIdx++) {
if(strncmp(calls[funIdx]->name, name, strlen(calls[funIdx]->name)) == 0) {
return calls[funIdx]->function;
return nullfunction;



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