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How to send string through queue

Posted by ephobb on December 27, 2015

Hi, This is my first FreeRTOS based project. I am trying to send string through one task to uart task. but i could see, only 1st letter is being sent. here is my code [code] gblqueuehandler = xQueueCreate(6,sizeof(uint8t)); xTaskCreate((TaskFunctiont)Sduart,"Suart",256,NULL,1,NULL); xTaskCreate((TaskFunctiont)send_str1,"string1",256,NULL,0,NULL);

void sendstr1(void const * argument) { uint8t dat[5]={'S','K','N','A','B'}; for(;;) { xQueueSend(gblqueuehandler,&dat[0],0); vTaskDelay(1000); } }

void Sduart(void const * argument) { uint8t data[6]={0}; uint8t da; for(;;) { HALUARTTransmit(&huart1,"UART Task",9,1000); if(xQueueReceive(gblqueuehandler,data,100)) { HALUARTTransmit(&huart1,&data[0],1,1000); } else { HALUART_Transmit(&huart1,"No Data",7,1000); } } }


and part of the output where i m receving queued data is "....UART TaskSUART...."

How to send string through queue

Posted by edwards3 on December 27, 2015

This line


creates a queue that holds 6 characters max. Each character is 8bits. http://www.freertos.org/a00116.html

This line


sends ojne character to the queue. Only the 'S' is ever sent to the queue (the queue holds 8bit types).

If you want to send a string then the string needs to be null terminated in the normal C way, and then you need to create the queue to hold char pointers.

~~~~ /* Create a string that holds pointers, each pointer is 4 bytes. / xQueueCreate(6,sizeof(char));

const char *myString="SKNAB";

/* Queue a pointer. */ xQueueSend(gblqueuehandler,&myString,0); ~~~~

How to send string through queue

Posted by ephobb on December 27, 2015

Thanks it works. can you please give me some links for queue tutorial. I read basic queue creation, send and receive. but i want to know how to protect it with semaphore. because more than task may be send data to uart.

How to send string through queue

Posted by rtel on December 27, 2015

Queues (or any other FreeRTOS object) do not need to be protected by the application - that is all taken care of by the RTOS itself. Any number of tasks and interrupts can write to or read from the same queue. Note that when accessing a queue from an interrupt only the API functions appended with "FromISR" can be used.


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