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Cortex A9, is in IRQ ?

Posted by swichu91 on December 19, 2017


I would like to know how to check if CPU is in IRQ handler routine. I see from technical reference manual that there is CPSR register which has 8 bit reserved for specifying current cpu mode but unfortunately in FreeRTOS CortexA9 port FreeRTOSIRQHandler I can see that during IRQ handling cpu mode is being switched to Supervisor mode hence there is no possibility to use CPSR. Any ideas how to work out this problem ?

Temporarily I turned off switching to SVC mode during IRQ handling but I suspect this is not good idea..

Thanks in advance Mateusz

Cortex A9, is in IRQ ?

Posted by rtel on December 19, 2017

I'm sure there will be a way, but I would have to get the A9 architecture manual out to see, and I think you would need to look at the GIC (interrupt controller) registers, not the CPU registers. I'm pretty sure from memory there is a GIC register that tells you the priority you are running at. As a quick and dirty solution, as there is a single IRQ entry point, you could edit the IRQ entry code to increment an interrupt nesting count on entry and decrement the count on exit - then if the count is greater than 0 you know you are in the IRQ.

If you don't switch to SVC mode then the system will crash if interrupts nest.

Cortex A9, is in IRQ ?

Posted by swichu91 on December 21, 2017

Answering my own question:

Richard you were right, there are RPR and IAR registers in GIC which give enough information to know if we are in IRQ or not. Thank you for hint !

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