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CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley ??

Posted by fkb on February 28, 2010
Hi Folks...

Anybody have this project up and running in Cross Studio 2 ??

best reg

RE: CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley ??

Posted by MEdwards on March 1, 2010
Are you having an issue with it? I would have thought it would just open in V2. If you are having an issue, what is it?

RE: CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley ??

Posted by adrien on March 2, 2010
I have just compiled the from FreeRTOS v6.02 without problems.

The software runs in the target board, but it seems that the web-server doesn't work at all.
The board doesn't responds to the pings too.


RE: CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley ??

Posted by fkb on March 2, 2010
Hi there...

I downloaded the files, i Compiled them and that works fine. (i use CrossStudio 2.0)

I CAN'T download to target, with the JTAG.

If you check the target processor, you will se, that the target is '103..... you can't select '107

I did change the RTOSDemo.hzp, to use the STM32 target instead of the ST_STM32F10x taget files.
With some changes to the startup file, i got the project in a "compilable" and "downloadable" state.... with the '107 as target....

but.... when i start the app. it crashes...
i traced the problem to when the "void vTaskStartScheduler( void )" starts.
im not into the details, but it seems that the xTaskCreate macro shomehow f***s up....

im not much into the ASM of the ARM, so it's not easy for mee to see what goes wrong....

hope the helps....

best reg

RE: CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley ??

Posted by adrien on March 3, 2010

I was using CrossStudio 2.0.4.
I am sorry not to be able to help more. My cross studio licence has just expired …
I have also seen, that this project has the wrong target by default (I didn't change it).

I don't use this project any more because I find it not stable enough for my needs.



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