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Compiling errors for Freertos+lwIP+Keil

Posted by Bill Yang on February 13, 2010

I got the demo from Richard, which is FreeRTOSLwipexemplo1 that was compiled by G++ or Linux whatever. Now I tried to compile it by Keil's RVMDK under FreeRTOS v5..4.2. demo Cortex_LM3Sxxxx_Keil_IAR. Basically, I just copy these source code to Freertos and got some compiling errors. Some of these errors I have fixed already. However, some of these I am not familiar with and don't have ideal how to fix. Below are these error logs. I wonder if some one can help me to figure out what is wrong.

compiling ETHIsr.c...
compiling LWIPStack.c...
..\Common\ethernet\lwip-1.3.0\contrib\port\FreeRTOS\LM3S\arch/sys_arch.h(62): warning: #1295-D: Deprecated declaration sys_set_default_state - give arg types
LWIPStack.c(109): warning: #192-D: unrecognized character escape sequence
LWIPStack.c(548): error: #268: declaration may not appear after executable statement in block
LWIPStack.c(630): warning: #223-D: function "httpd_init" declared implicitly
compiling rit128x96x4.c...
compiling osram128x64x4.c...
compiling tasks.c...
..\..\Source\tasks.c(1521): warning: #223-D: function "GPIOPinWrite" declared implicitly
..\..\Source\tasks.c(1521): error: #20: identifier "GPIO_PORTD_BASE" is undefined
..\..\Source\tasks.c(1521): error: #20: identifier "GPIO_PIN_7" is undefined
compiling list.c...


RE: Compiling errors for Freertos+lwIP+Keil

Posted by Richard on February 14, 2010
With respect, these are not really FreeRTOS questions, just problems you are having compiling your own program. Also, if somebody was generous to assist in clearing the errors then they would have to have access to your complete source code to see which lines the errors relate to. Other errors (like the GPIO_nnn lines) just require a bit of time spent looking for the Keil equivalents.


RE: Compiling errors for Freertos+lwIP+Keil

Posted by Bill Yang on February 15, 2010
Thank you, Richard.

I fixed most compiling errors. But the warming message "Deprecated declaration sys_set_default_state-give arg types" is really bother me. I could not figure out what is wrong and how. I think this may have to go to lwIP community to get help. I will post it to lwIP forum.

I wonder if any one knew this warning message and how to correct.


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