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FreeRTOS semaphore initial error

Posted by Bill Yang on February 15, 2010

I compiled FreeRTOS lwIP web server demo by Keil RVMDK and got several errors regarding initializing the Semaphore.

ETHIsr.c(89): error: #29: expected an expression
xSemaphoreHandle ETHRxBinSemaphore [MAX_ETH_PORTS] ={ [0 ... (MAX_ETH_PORTS - 1)] = NULL };

if I comment the initialize array like below, it can pass compiling. But I am not sure if this is correct doing.
xSemaphoreHandle ETHRxBinSemaphore [MAX_ETH_PORTS] ={ /*[0 ... (MAX_ETH_PORTS - 1)] =*/ NULL };


RE: FreeRTOS semaphore initial error

Posted by Richard on February 16, 2010
I don't know where you got the files from, but the line that Keil is complaining about does not look like C code to me.


RE: FreeRTOS semaphore initial error

Posted by Bill Yang on February 16, 2010
Hi Richard,

The file, ETHIsr.c, is in FreeRTOSlwIPExemplo1.tar.bz2 from you, which there 4 line code from 81 - 102. I believe it is originally compiled by GCC in Linux. I just wonder if any one know this syntax of C or GCC. So far everything seems OK to pass the compiling and link except for the " [0 ... (MAX_ETH_PORTS - 1)] =", which I commented these contents. I tried to build this demo combining with the demo of Cortex_LM3SXXXX_Keil_IRA, because we need to replace uIP with lwIP TCP/IP stack for implementing SNMP agent in our project.

By the way, I post a question yesterday regarding the Luminiary new ARM Cortex-M3 chip, LM3S9B96, if FreeRTOS current Cortex-LM3Sxxxx_Keil_IAR supports it or not? Also I have been informed that the new release StellarisWare, SW-DK-LM3S9B96-5570, has demo project of SafeRtos_demo that is using SafeRTOS. I wonder if SafeRTOS is the similar to FreeRTOS. I means the rtos functionality for both is the same. Also I am interested in what the price of SafeRTOS is if we want to subscribe it.

Bill Yang

RE: FreeRTOS semaphore initial error

Posted by Richard on February 16, 2010
SafeRTOS is pre-embedded in the LM3S9B96 ROM and can be used for free. The certification evidence can be purchased separately from WITTENSTEIN. See http://www.safertos.com for more information.

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