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When NOT using long file name, compile errors occur on ffdir.c, because in two occasions ffconfigLFNSUPPORT is not checked on it’s value, but whether it is defined or not. But by including “FreeRTOSFATConfigDefaults.h” ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT is always defined.

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Hi Peter, Thanks very much for noticing this, you are right. this is a configuration (ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT == 0) that was tested less often. In ff_dir.c, about line 1221, please change the following:
-#if defined( ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT )
+#if( ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT != 0)
That is the only occurrence I see in “FreeRTOS+FAT Labs Build 160112” that I encountered. Did you see a second one? I just tested a project with:
#define ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT         0
but it works just as well. Regards.

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Hi, it seems that you have differend code that I. I have build 160112 here. At line line 1221 in ff_dir.c I have: ~~~~ 1221:#ifndef ffconfigLFNSUPPORT 1222: BaseTypet xLFNCount; 1223:#endif ~~~~ I changed this to: ~~~~

if( ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT==0 )

BaseType_t xLFNCount;


~~~~ And there is also a reference on line 556: ~~~~ #if defined( ffconfigLFNSUPPORT ) { xLFNTotal = 0; } #endif /* ffconfigLFNSUPPORT / ~~~~ which I changed to: ~~~~ #if ( ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT!=0 ) { xLFNTotal = 0; } #endif / ffconfigLFN_SUPPORT */ ~~~~ With those two changes I was able to build the project. I haven’t tested anything else, as I have to write a SPI driver to get any futher.