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SAM7X lwIP_Demo Project Modification

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on January 26, 2007

I've been attempting to take the lwIP_Demo project and modify it for my own use. It compiles initially before I start modifying it, but after a while it starts to break. The issue seems to come up as soon as I try to remove the demo tasks:

(from main.c)
/* Demo application includes. */
//#include "partest.h"
#include "PollQ.h"
//#include "semtest.h"
//#include "flash.h"
#include "integer.h"
#include "BlockQ.h"
//#include "BasicWEB.h"
#include "USB-CDC.h"

I was able to remove the BasicWS and lwIP without problems, but once I start removing the partest.h, samtest.h, flash.h and the other related referenced I get the following errors:

../../Source/queue.o(.text+0x4c8): In function `xQueueReceive':
../../Source/queue.c:470: internal error: dangerous error
/usr/local/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/arm-elf/3.3.2/../../../../arm-elf/bin/ld: /usr/local/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/arm-elf/3.3.2/../../../../arm-elf/lib/libg.a(memcpy.o)(memcpy): warning: interworking not enabled.
/usr/local/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/arm-elf/3.3.2/../../../../arm-elf/bin/ld: first occurrence: ../../Source/queue.o: thumb call to arm
../../Source/queue.o(.text+0x59a): In function `xQueueReceiveFromISR':
../../Source/queue.c:515: internal error: dangerous error
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [rtosdemo.elf] Error 1

I don't know what it is that causes these issues, but it is really annoying! Are these demo applications necessary for the project to compile for some reason? The error seems to be in the linking phase but I can't nail it down.


RE: SAM7X lwIP_Demo Project Modification

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on January 26, 2007

I did the same thing. I.e. removed demo project and tried to make use of lwip optional (as its easier to fit the application to ram as lwip is not included to test different stuff). My make file source list looks like:

# List C source files here
../FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c \
../FreeRTOS/Source/queue.c \
../FreeRTOS/Source/list.c \
../FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM7_AT91SAM7S/port.c \

main.c \

# BasicWEB.c
# ../FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/Minimal/flash.c \
# ../FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/Minimal/BlockQ.c \
# ../FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/Minimal/integer.c \
# ../FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/Minimal/PollQ.c \
# ../FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/Minimal/semtest.c \

ifeq ($(USE_LWIP),YES)

lwip-1.1.0/src/core/tcp_out.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/inet.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/mem.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/memp.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/netif.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/pbuf.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/raw.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/stats.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/sys.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/tcp.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/tcp_in.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/ipv4/ip.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/ipv4/ip_addr.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/ipv4/icmp.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/api/tcpip.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/api/api_msg.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/api/err.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/api/api_lib.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/netif/etharp.c \
lwip-1.1.0/contrib/port/FreeRTOS/AT91SAM7X/sys_arch.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/netif/ethernetif.c \
lwip-1.1.0/src/core/udp.c \


../FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM7_AT91SAM7S/portISR.c \
Cstartup_SAM7.c \

ifeq ($(USE_LWIP),YES)

And had the same kind of problem as you. But I noticed that I forgot -mthumb-interwork from linker flags. Now I have:

LDFLAGS = $(MCFLAGS) -mthumb-interwork -nostartfiles -T$(LDSCRIPT) -Wl,-Map=$(PROJECT).map,--no-warn-mismatch

and it works. Thing is that there are different versions of libraries under:
C:\Program Files\yagarto\arm-elf\lib
and linker has to know which one to use.

I hope this helps you,

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