LPC2378 with keil compiler

Posted by suresh kumar on January 31, 2008
Hi all

I am new to this forum and the FreeRTOS .I am using LPC2378 controller and Keil compiler for my development purpose .The project is about Escalator and we require TUV standard certification which suggest to use FreeRTOS for developing the application but going through the site i found that LPC2378 is not provided,but similar to this controller LPC2368 is given but in eclipse,I tried to make a new project with LPC2378 a controller and included the files as suggested by the site for migrating to different compiler and different controller,but i got lot of error and i tried to solve some ..but stil there is lot of error regarding the linking.

Can any one help me to create a new project for my controller and guide me how to go about it .since we can add this in the forum for further future reference.


RE: LPC2378 with keil compiler

Posted by Dave on January 31, 2008
If you want safety critical certification then SafeRTOS might be a better choice. It is like FreeRTOS but already has TUV certification for use in safety systems.

You can also get the porting work done for you if you go to www.openrtos.com or www.safertos.com you will find details.