Mistype in port.c for GCC/ARM_CM3_MPU

I am definitely newbie in the comunity and for this reason I am not sure I write this report to the right place. I have found just small mistype on line 914 of the port.c for GCC/ARMCM3MPU of the trunk version, but it cause, that the code is not possible to be compiled. Find it below marked with FIXME. ~~~~

if ( configUSETRACEFACILITY == 1 )

UBaseType_t MPU_uxTaskGetSystemState( TaskStatus_t *pxTaskStatusArray, UBaseType_t uxArraySize, uint32_t *pulTotalRunTime )
UBaseType_t uxReturn;
BaseType_t xRunningPrivileged = prvRaisePrivilege();

    uxReturn = uxTaskGetSystemState( pxTaskStatusArray, uxArraySize, pulTotalRunTime );
    portRESET_PRIVILEGE( xRunningPrivileged );
    return xReturn; /* FIXME - should return uxReturn */


~~~~ Regards Kamil Pipek

Mistype in port.c for GCC/ARM_CM3_MPU

Oops. Thanks for taking the time to report this. Fixed, but not yet checked in.