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after porting simple task which turn on led doesn't work.

Posted by boogalee on January 19, 2016


I had just ported FreeRTOS to CC2538 (cortex-M3).

and i had created one task and start the tasksheduler.

but it doesn't work. i mean it doesn't trun on led.

when i was debugging, i reallized one thing.

program went to infinite for loop

configASSERT( ( ( uxPriority & ( UBaseTypet ) ( ~portPRIVILEGEBIT ) ) < ( UBaseTypet ) configMAXPRIORITIES ) );

it is in xTaskGenericCreate function.

i configured configMAX_PRIORITIES 8, because there are 8 priorites in cortex M3 and CC2538.

i didnt define portPRIVILEGE_BIT, because im not using MPU

~~~~ int main(void) {

  TaskHandle_t xHandle;

  SysCtrlClockSet(false, false, SYS_CTRL_SYSDIV_32MHZ);



return 0;

} ~~~~

~~~~ void vTaskLedToggle(void *pvParameters ){



} ~~~~

it could be weird, vTaskLedToggle is just turn on the led.

where is the problem ?


after porting simple task which turn on led doesn't work.

Posted by davedoors on January 19, 2016

Something doesnt add up. The assert tells you you have tried to create a task at a priority higher than the configMAXPRIORITIES setting but the post shows a task being created with priority 5 and you say configMAXPRIORITIES is 8.

because there are 8 priorites in cortex M3 and CC2538.

How did you figure that? You must be confusing tasks and interrupts.

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