Demo CORTEX_LM3Sxxxx_Eclipse on EK-LM3S6965

The Demo project CORTEX_LM3Sxxxx_Eclipse has a couple of problems running on the current version of the LMI EK-LM3S6965 (Rev C). This problem may have been covered previously but I couldn’t find any posts referring to it. First, the Rev C board uses the Rit display, not the Osram unit that was present in Rev A. To fix this, modify the case block that starts at line 378 of main.c, moving the condition:                case SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_6965    : to the next code segment (referring to the rit display) I also had to replace the display driver routine, rit128x96x4 (.c and .h) with one copied from a more recent version of the Stellaris driver library (I used one from rev 4781 instead of the one in the demo, which came from rev 1504).  When I used the original driver the display contrast was very low, making the text nearly unreadable.  ss