FreeRTOS Posix Progress!

I work on a project called OpenPilot, it is a cool GPL project to create an OpenSource small UAV platform and we use FreeRTOS. One of the things we needed was to be able to run our firmware in x86 for software in the loop simulation, we started off with Williams Davy’s work but have extended this to work on Mac as well. We are now working on getting Windows supported via CYGWin, this is almost working but still has some issues. There is a wiki page here and most important is the later part of this forum discussion here. Apart from being interesting and potentially useful for FreeRTOS (there are a few nice changes from William’s original work), I would really appreciate it if someone could help get the last 10% of Windows working and check what we are doing is the right way. FreeRTOS gets a cross platform Posix implementation and OpenPilot gets very cool software in the loop support. Any help or advice gratefully received!!