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Tasks list corruption / HardFault in xPortPendSVHandler()

Posted by dhemaius on July 6, 2016

FreeRTOS v8.2.3

System has been running for a while, then after a vTaskSwitchContext() call inside xPortPendSVHandler(), a hard fault occured when it tried to pop the core registers. Here is the list of values that did not make sense at that point :

pxCurrentTCB = 0x00000005 ( found out it came from corrupt pxReadyTasksLists[6] )

pxReadyTasksLists[6].uxNumberOfItems = 0xFFFFFFFF pxReadyTasksLists[6].pxIndex = 0x2001ADA8 pxReadyTasksLists[6].pxIndex->pxNext = 0x2001ADA8 pxReadyTasksLists[6].pxIndex->pxPrevious = 0x2001ADA8 pxReadyTasksLists[6].pxIndex->pvOwner = 0x00000005 ( @ xDelayedTaskList1.uxNumberOfItems) pxReadyTasksLists[6].pxIndex->pvContainer = 0x2001ADBC ( points on xDelayedTaskList1.xListEnd ) pxReadyTasksLists[6].xListEnd @ 0x2001ADA8

xDelayedTaskList1.uxNumberOfItems = 0x00000005 xDelayedTaskList1.pxIndex = 0x2001ADBC xDelayedTaskList1.xListEnd @ 0x2001ADBC

uxTopReadyPriority = 81 ( configMAX_PRIORITIES = 7 !!! )

Any idea how such a corruption can happen?

Futhermore, sneeking around trying to find out how an empty list is still being used, I found something peculiar inside listGETOWNEROFNEXTENTRY macro... Why reaffecting ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pxNext to ( pxConstList )->pxIndex when it just found out that ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pxNext is the end of the list marker, causing ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pvOwner to be invalid?


define listGETOWNEROFNEXTENTRY( pxTCB, pxList )

{ List_t * const pxConstList = ( pxList ); /* Increment the index to the next item and return the item, ensuring / / we don't return the marker used at the end of the list. */ ( pxConstList )->pxIndex = ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pxNext; if( ( void * ) ( pxConstList )->pxIndex == ( void * ) &( ( pxConstList )->xListEnd ) ) { ( pxConstList )->pxIndex = ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pxNext; } ( pxTCB ) = ( pxConstList )->pxIndex->pvOwner; } ~~~

Tasks list corruption / HardFault in xPortPendSVHandler()

Posted by edwards3 on July 6, 2016

These things are nearly always because of interrupt priority problems. Are your interrupt priorities set below configMAXSYSCALLINTERRUPT_PRIORITY? Do you have configASSERT() defined? Do you have stack overflow checking defined to 2? For links to the info http://www.freertos.org/FAQHelp.html


HF_PSV.png (39617 bytes)

Tasks list corruption / HardFault in xPortPendSVHandler()

Posted by dhemaius on July 6, 2016

A colleague just revised that on my request before I saw your post and the answer is yes, some ISR using the API were above (meaning number < ) the configMAXSYSCALLINTERRUPT_PRIORITY. I should have thought about it earlier, because I have been down that road.

I had added a configASSERT verification inside uxListRemove() in the past to trap an underroll of pxList->uxNumberOfItems and I still get that error.

Call Stack is always as follow :

prvIdleTask SysTickHandler xTaskIncrementTick uxListRemove assertfailed (aka configASSERT )

I will personnally check again for a wrong priority I guess.


HF_PSV.png (39617 bytes)

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