NAND support for the SAM3S-EK2

Posted by tquestad on July 27, 2017


Potentially a bit of a newbie question here, but we are currently using an Atmel sample/example project for FreeRTOS on the SAM3S-EK2 development board, and we would like to add NAND support to that, but the Atmel ASF Wizard only supports doing so for the SAM3S-EK. Are there plans to support the ASM3S-EK2?

Thanks for any pointers! Tony

NAND support for the SAM3S-EK2

Posted by rtel on July 27, 2017

I presume you mean "are there any plans to support SAM3S-EK" - without the '2' on the end.

FreeRTOS will run on any Cortex-M3/4/7, so we support any device with one of those cores. That is because the core on those devices is all the same, and the RTOS port does not rely on anything outside of the core.

You may find the ASF will create you a FreeRTOS project for that board already - albeit with an older version of FreeRTOS.

NAND support for the SAM3S-EK2

Posted by tquestad on July 28, 2017

Greetings, RTE:

We do actually have a project for the SAM3S-EK board (with NAND flash), and are working on getting this project up, but we also have a SAM3S-EK2 board - which has (I believe) more RAM and a different NAND flash part; We thought it might be beneficial to use the Atmel ASF Wizard to create a project for this baord (with the goal of ensuring that we were able to select that we wanted any NAND specific pieces that might be required), but the Wizard only appears to support creating a project for the SAM3S-EK board with NAND (and not the -EK2.)

Perhaps the answer is that we just need to choose SAM3S-EK in the Wizard, and go from there, but since the boards are not identical, we were just wondering if your group had plans to add the SAM3S-EK2 board to the Wizard, but perhaps this isn't necessary, or planned.

Again, sorry if the question is confusing - and thanks for attempting to answer. Tony