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Code composer studio port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on June 21, 2006
Any chance that there is a version of freeRTOS or the MSP430 built with the TI Code Composer essentials?

I have tried to build with both the Rowley and GCC versions of code, so far the Rowley looks like the best fit, however I get the following error.

"../Source/tasks.c", line 1430: error: expected a "{"

1 error detected in the compilation of "../Source/tasks.c".

>> Compilation failure

c:\CCEssentials\cgtools\bin\gmake.exe: *** [Source/tasks.obj] Erro

Thanks in advance for any advice,

RE: Code composer studio port

Posted by John W. on June 21, 2006

Is the MSP430 your target?

Is there an eval. version of Code Composer Essentials? I could take a stab at it. I ported FreeRTOS over to the MSP430 using IAR - so it may be even a closer port if you're using the MSP430.

John W.

RE: Code composer studio port

Posted by Nobody/Anonymous on June 21, 2006
Does CCS use GCC? If so, have you got the preprocessor directive GCC_MSP430 defined?

Can you repost the error message in full?

RE: Code composer studio port

Posted by widgicreek on June 22, 2006
Yes this port is for the MSP430f1611 and there is a free version of code composer with an 8kb limitiation. There is also a $20 package that includes a USB based eval board that doubles as a programing pod for the 14pin parts. I dont know if there is sufficient ram for these smaller parts or not to support the RTOS on the $20 system.


RE: Code composer studio port

Posted by John W. on July 3, 2006

I've posted the CCE port for the MSP430 ('1611)
to the following location:


Before you try to use the port - please read the notes.txt file posted - it's on my homepage.

Note that I only have the 8KB demo. version of CCE from TI - allegedly it is the latest release - just limited to 8KB. Due to this - I was only able to enable the LED task in the demo. I used the 'U64 board that comes with the USB FET if you order it that way. Again, take a look at the port notes. I've been running the LED demo (with IDLE task, of course) for a couple of days now - and it has been running OK.

I also used the default workspace location in CCE, so you can unzip the file there or you can move around as you see fit.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this - you need to manually move some of the obj's into their locations when you build. I don't know why CCE is doing this at this point - but heap_2.obj needs to be moved into it's location (the linker will tell you) and all of the objs that are built in msp430f1611 need to be moved there (again - the linker will complain) - you'll see the objs in the project - you just need to move them...

Good Luck and Regards,
John W.

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