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New Project with 18F452

Posted by Zafer Dedeoglu on June 29, 2009
I'm a beginner for RTOS concept. I was buy two book which was written by Mr.Richard Barry and i read it. Now i want to start with RTOS Microchip 18F452.
1.i make a new project at MPLAB with project wizard.
2.i am copy very simple code at MCC18\example\getting_started\program1\main.c to my directory and include it.
3.i am copy the files which they are founded at FreeRTOSV5.3.0\Source directory. These files are croutine.c, list.c, list.o, queue.c, queue.o, task.c, task.o. (Question 1: the object files are required, or C files are sufficent?)
4.i am copy the files which they are founded at FreeRTOSV5.3.0\Source\include directory. These files are croutine.h, FreeRTOS.h, list.h, portable.h, projdefs.h, queue.h, semphr.h, StackMacros.h, task.h. (Question 2: All of these files are necessary? Or when am i use this files, when not use?)
5.i am copy the files which they are founded at FreeRTOSV5.3.0\Source\portable\MPLAB\PIC18F directory. These files are port.c, port.o, portmacro.h.(Question 2: Object and header files are necessary?)
6.i am copy FreeRTOSCnfig.h file from FreeRTOSV5.3.0\Demo\PIC18_MPLAB directory.
7.Compile my project. And this is te error.

"Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\main.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\list.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\port.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\queue.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\tasks.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\croutine.o" is up to date.
Make: The target "D:\Belgelerim\PIC Program\GTP\try\try.cof" is out of date.
Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MCC18\bin\mplink.exe" /p18F452 /l"C:\Program Files\Microchip\MCC18\lib" "main.o" "list.o" "port.o" "queue.o" "tasks.o" "croutine.o" /u_CRUNTIME /u_DEBUG /z__MPLAB_BUILD=1 /z__MPLAB_DEBUG=1 /o"try.cof" /M"try.map" /W
MPLINK 4.31, Linker
Copyright (c) 2009 Microchip Technology Inc.
Error - could not find definition of symbol 'vSerialRxISR' in file './port.o'.
Errors : 1"

What is the wrong? At FreeRTOS book, only port.c, list.c and queue.c, task.c files are enough. Could you please explain me! I read the FreeRTOS book many times. But i don't make a simple project. I am beginner. I'm sorry.
Best regards,

RE: New Project with 18F452

Posted by Juan_Pablo Garcia_Martinez on June 29, 2009
You have copied some files from a project and you did not take in account some others were some funtions are defined in.
If you do not want to play with serial port you can include next code in your main.c file, for example, to remove the error message:

#if (config_USE_SERIAL_PORT== 0)
void vSerialRxISR(void){}
void vSerialTxISR(void){}

Then in FreeRTOSConfig.h file you have to include next line:

#define config_USE_SERIAL_PORT0

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