Need serial driver for to work with two USART

Hi all, My current setup is like this
1. Microcontroller – AT32UC3A0512
2. Development Board – EVK1105
3. I am using FreeRTOS. In the current FreeRTOS demo-program currently there is serial.c driver is there for one USART port. Can anybody give me some code or suggest me what to change if I need to use two USART ports? USART0 – Is connected to my PC. I am using PuTTy terminal for communication to board in RS232 mode. Baudrate – 57600, databit – 8, No parity, stopbit-1, normal channel mode,no flow control USART2 – I have connected to another module. which has configuration as baudrate – 19200, databits – 7, Odd parity, stopbit-1, normal channel mode, no flow control External module connected to USART2 sends me continues data like databyte1-databyte2-databyte3——–databyte9-‘n’-‘r’ – databyte1(repeat of sequence). I want to take these data recieved at USART2 and transmit on USART0. But I am not getting any output. Following are my observation till now.
In the demo program we have enabled only the USART0. I am able to receive the character and able to transmit the same on the same USART0 in a perfect manner. But When I plug my usart cable to USART2 port on the board, that is also working although i haven’t activated it. I am able to send receive characters on this port. But on USART2 the I get a junk character after each 8 to 10 good characters. I am not able to understand the things. I am very poor in looking into datasheet things also. If any experienced guy here can help I would appreciate it a lot..