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Renesas Rx63 Demo, timer question

Posted by Blackdragon1400 on June 13, 2013
I am trying out the freertos demo for the Renesas RX63n dev board and am unable to add more than 5 timers to make LED's flash, I have tried changing the maximum number of timers, and heap size but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

RE: Renesas Rx63 Demo, timer question

Posted by Dave on June 13, 2013
There isnt a setting to limit the maximum number of timers so I'm not sure what you are changing.

Is it you can't create any timers, or that the timers cannot be started?

If a timer cannot be created then it can I think only be because you have run out of FreeRTOS heap. You say you have tried increasing the configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE setting already though. Is the xTimerCreate() function returning NULL?

When you have already created a timer you start it by posting a message to the timer task (that is internal implementation, you actually just call an API function). The length of the message queue is a FreeRTOSConfig.h setting. If the queue gets full then you will not be able to start the timer. To ensure the message queue does not get full only start timers after the scheduler has been started, or if the scheduler is already running then ensure you are not starting the timers from a task that has a priority above the timer task. The timer task priority is another FreeRTOSConfig.h setting.

RE: Renesas Rx63 Demo, timer question

Posted by Blackdragon1400 on June 13, 2013
I meant queue length when I said max number of timers, maby I just don't understand how the software timers are working exactly? The timers aren't failing to initialize, I just cant seem to be able to make more than 5 of them. I've litterally been debugging this for hours and can't find where the problem is, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the way the timers are implemented though.

RE: Renesas Rx63 Demo, timer question

Posted by Richard on June 13, 2013
Can you please clarify what you mean by:

“I just cant seem to be able to make more than 5 of them”

and answer the question from the previous post:

“ Is the xTimerCreate() function returning NULL?”


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